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The Illini Glider Club's maintains a Facebook presence:
This page is used primarily to announce events to people who are interested in soaring, as well as share photos and videos of club activities.

IGC Member Resources

A list of resources and tools for club members is maintained here:

Educational Resources

About Soaring

  • FAA (Federal Avaition Administration)
  • FARs (Best FAR Site, Easy search, Easy Read)
  • FAA - ADs (Airworthiness Directives)
  • SSA (Soaring Society of America)
  • SSF (Soaring Safety Foundation)
  • FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale)
  • CSA (Collegiate Soaring Association)
  • 1-26 Association
  • ASRS Avaition Safety Reporting System



IGC Member Pages

Links to Other Aviation-related Clubs in the Area

For hourly, local reports...

    KDEC ATIS (217) 429 0052
    KCMI ATIS (217) 352 9118

For Official Weather Briefing...

    Call (800) WX BRIEF (800-992-7433)

Local Basics

Weather Training at AOPA

Learning, Exploring, Experimental