Glider Rides

Can I Go For A Ride? 

Our glider club is open to the general public. You can come out and watch our operations, visit with our members and... best of all, you can go for a ride too!

Our commercial licensed pilots will take you up into the skies over Danville for an exciting flight in one of our two-seat gliders. You'll get to enjoy the view, do a little thermalling if weather conditions are right, and enjoy the pure thrill of soaring.

Introductory rides can be purchased for just $79.99 (Cash, Check or Google Pay), payable on the day of your flight. This fee pays for the first tow (typically 3000 ft). You can then go for additional rides (that day) for just the cost of the tow (about half price).

Your ride can be for sight seeing, or an introduction to soaring. However, you cannot log time as PIC (Pilot in Command).

Rides are offered on weekends only. We operate every weekend Apr 1 thru Nov 30, weather permitting. Prior to coming out, you should make arrangements with our Intro Ride Coordinator. Please include your preferred method of contact, so that he or she can contact you quickly if there are changes to our plans.

We typically finalize each weekend plan by Wednesday/Thursday of the week, to accommodate weather conditions. It's best to double check with us by Thursday to finalize your ride. 

Let's make it happen!

To schedule a flight simply email us at Alternatively you can contact a club member to assist scheduling time.

Of course, you can also just show up. We will do the best we can to accommodate you, however we cannot guarantee you will be able to fly that day. Even if you don't get a ride, you will enjoy watching the takeoffs and landings and socializing!

Please Note the following items

  • There are weight limits (Pilot and Passenger combined weight) 
  • Rides are scheduled on weekends only. Contact for details.
  • Schedule/Plan a two-hour time slot for your ride.
  • Check, cash or Google Pay. We do accept credit cards, but an extra 3% convenience fee will be charged. 
  • All of our pilots are volunteers. We need to coordinate your time request with one of our commercial-rated pilots availability.
  • We will contact you to confirm your ride request.