Who are we?

The Illini Glider Club is a soaring club located in Central Illinois.

The Illini Glider Club was established in 1948.

What do we do?

We fly every weekend from Apr 1 thru Nov 30, weather permitting. We fly as much as possible throughout the winter months. Tow pilots are often available for midweek tows if desired. Rides are given on weekends only.

Soaring in Central Illinois is huge fun. When the thermals are strong, a single flight can last for hours and traverse more than a hundred miles.

How do we do it?

Thanks to our service volunteers, we are able to keep costs low. Our membership enjoys low-cost instruction, no rental fees, and minimal tow fees. In all, we offer the best value anywhere in the nation.

We are a non-profit organization, and proud to be a Chapter Member of theĀ Soaring Society of America.