Thanks to our service volunteers, our club is able to offer excellent value. There are no glider rental fees and no charge for instruction. There are, of course, materials required for training. We offer these at cost.

Our insurance requires that all members have current SSA membership SSA membership is not included in the prices posted below.

Our official flying season is 32 weeks long, from April 1 thru Nov 30. However, we typically keep the tow plane and one glider operating through out the winters. This allows pilots, especially students, the opportunity to maintain their skill throughout the off season.

Our members are required to assist in the day to day operations as needed. In general, this means... If you will be flying in the mourning, come out a little early to help pull the gliders out and preflight check them. If you will be flying in the afternoon, plan to stay and help put the gliders away. We also count on our pilots to assist with operations, logging flights, directing operations, wing running, and clearing gliders after landing.

So, what does it cost ?
    • Training Materials and Examination Fees (Books & Testing, if needed)
    • Tow Fees (each time you launch, $8.00 to $36.00)
    • Membership Dues (Annually, 0 to $420.00)

Materials and Examination Fees

We off training materials at cost (appoximately, prices do vary slightly from order to order). As for examinations, we do not charge anything for these, however, the FAA and Examiners do.

    • $ 7.00 Log Book
    • $20.00 FAR/AIM
    • $30.00 SSA Glider Flying Handbook

Examination Fees...
    • $ 90.00 FAA Written Exam
    • $200.00 FAA Practical Exam

Tow Fees 
Very Simply...
    • $10.00 Hookups
    • $10.00/1000 ft Tows

    For Example...
        Line Breaks... $15.00
        1000 ft tow... $20.00 (Landing Practice)
        2000 ft tow... $30.00 (Train and Land)
        3000 ft tow... $40.00 (Training and General Activities, including Introductory Rides)
        4000 ft tow... $50.00


IGC offers several types of memberships. Which one fits you best ?

Full Membership...
The title says it all. Full membership entitles you full access to all the gliders and full voting rights.
    Annual Cost... $420.00
    Requires SSA membership

Youth Membership...
Registered fulltime students of an academic institution are eligible for a reduced membership fee through age 22 (paralleling the SSA definition). Equipment privileges are dual instruction and solo flights in club 2-place gliders.
    Annual Cost... $195.00
    Requires SSA membership

Limited Membership...
Limited Membership entitles full equipment privileges except that flight privileges are suspended from May 15 through August 15 inclusive The Limited Membership is designed for university students who are away from the area during the summer.
    Annual Cost... $260.00
    Requires SSA membership

Family Membership...
In order to qualify for a Family Membership, one member of the family must be a Full Member. For purposes of this membership, family members are: your spouse, your children under the age of 22 years old, or siblings under the age of 22 years old, living at home. A Family Membership, purchased for half of the Full Membership fee, entitles the member to all privileges available to those with Full Memberships. No membership is required to fly family members as guests; the Family Membership is designed to encourage family members to learn to fly and become involved in the Club.
    Annual Cost... $195.00
    Requires SSA membership

Member at Large...
A member who flies only non-IGC gliders may become a Member at Large, which allows access to tows at the normal tow fees, as well as required currency flights in IGC equipment with IGC instructors. A Member at Large must be at least a Private Pilot, with a Glider rating.
    Annual Cost... $220.00
    Requires SSA membership

Temporary Guest Membership...
Temporary membership is available to guest pilots and is a 31-day membership. Before any membership privileges begin or any flights are taken, the full Guest Membership fee must be paid. It is renewable or can be upgraded to Limited or Full Membership.
    Annual Cost... $160.00
    Requires SSA membership

Service Membership Type I...
For pilots who only use club equipment when (i) towing, or (ii) giving instruction in a club 2-place glider. In addition, Service Members may make up to 3 flights as PIC in a club glider each year for the purpose of maintaining currency.
    Annual Cost... $1
    Requires SSA membership

Service Membership Type II...
Type II service memberships are available for Tow Pilots and Glider Instructors only. This membership class offers full membership priviliges (Gliders and Voting). This membership class is available only by application and approval of the Board of Directors. Each application must be re-newed each year. This membership class requires a pre-determined commitment of service. Equipment priveleges can be suspended by the BOD if service commitment is not satisfied.
    Annual Cost... $2
    Requires SSA membership


Are you ready to join?!

If you are not already an SSA member, you need to fill out 
the SSA Membership Form and include it with the IGC membership form (below).

If you are already an SSA member, you need only to provide a photocopy of your SSA card and fill out an application.

You can submit your application by bringing it to a club meeting, or by mailing it to the following address:

Illini Glider Club
P.O. Box 143
Monticello, IL 61856

If you have any questions, please contact one of our club officers for more information.

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